NaNoWriMo Day 4 & Things that really Interest Krispy

Um, so it's Day 4 of Nano, and I am officially 6668 words behind. Yes folks. My word count is still nonexistent, but look at me blog! Procrastination does weird things to me. In any case, I am feeling intensely guilty & I'm way behind on my TV show-watching schedule (which I'll admit is gratuitous), but I'm sacrificing my shows (some of them anyway) for Nano! I just have to get to the writing part.

Unfortunately, November hates me. I usually don't have much of a social life, but November always manages to side-swipe me with events. What's up with that? I thought I'd be okay once I graduated since that put an end to the dreaded Midterm Season, but I was wrong. Score: Krispy - 0, Universe - 100000000+ Also, don't name your characters after months that are dreadful to you because they inevitably will turn out shady.

So speaking of distractions, my sister made me aware of a remake of the movie Clash of the Titans. I vaguely remember seeing the original on TV (at least snippets of it), and anyway, I love Greek mythology like maybe I should've been a Classics Major LOVE it, so I'm KIND OF EXCITED. I mean, this could be a potentially bad idea. Like the movie Troy sorta killed parts of my soul, but I did enjoy select parts of it, and I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Disney's Hercules (okay, but really I love Disney, so more love than hate).

But then my sister showed me this post at ohnotheydidnt, and the movie posters are PRETTY AMAZING. Also, RALPH FIENNES is playing Hades. That's He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named VOLDEMORT as Hades, and um, Liam Neeson is Zeus. LIAM NEESON. Granted, Liam Neeson is sort of already a god-figure in Narnia, but he's freaking ZEUS. Ralph Fiennes. Liam Neeson. EPIC!

Okay, I think I'm working myself up too much. Speaking of great posters, have you seen the movie posters for The Lightning Thief yet? It's pretty awesome.

And while I'm on the topic of things I'm in to, check out Racebending.com, a website about the controversy surrounding the live-action movie of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I've actually never watched this show, though I've seen it on TV and heard good things about it, but the issues brought about by the casting for this movie interests me. Plus, the world of the Last Airbender is really cool in that it's a "fantastical Asian world," which is what I'm going for in my Nano and what I kind of want to see more of in general. I can only hope I pull it off with some skill.

So to tie all of that back to writing, find things you're passionate about and write about them. Greek mythology has influenced a lot of my reading and writing; there are a lot of themes and stories there that I draw from. I mean, the myths never get old for me. I can read them again and again. The whole Avatar thing made me consider, among many other things, the richness of Asian folklore and culture and how under-tapped it seems to be. Well, I'm finally going to try to draw more inspiration from my heritage. I'm just not sure NaNoWriMo was the best time to attempt such a challenging undertaking.

I did mention that I'm 6668 words behind right?

P.S. The only picture of me in my other costume: Hogwarts student! My Sirius Black from a few years ago was better. (Also, my actual costume, the Alice in Wonderland, still blows this one out of the water. C'mon! I had a Monty Python killer White Rabbit!)


Tere Kirkland said...

Cute costume! I'm a little behind on my NaNo word count, but I had to watch last week's FlasForward before tonight's episode.

And I loved CotT! I wanted a mechanical owl of my very own for years after that. I heard they were remaking it a few years back, but then promptly forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. Keep up the good work on your NaNo project!

Lisa and Laura said...

You look so cute in your Halloween costume! And I love all thing mythological too. And really, who isn't going to watch a movie with Liam and Ralph. Good God.

Icy Roses said...


Yay. And Halloween costume is cute!

Krispy said...

Tere - Thanks, and you're welcome! More excitement, the merrier! I didn't even know they were remaking it! Totally understand the TV-ness. I was going to write last night, but I needed to watch Criminal Minds. And I CANNOT miss Supernatural tonight. -__-'

Lisa & Laura - Thanks! "Good God" is a very appropriate phrase here. I hope they have an epic EPIC Greek godly battle. I really do.

Icy - GREEK MYTHOLOGY ROCKS MY SOCKS. And thanks for the compliment!

David de Beer said...

huh, I actually liked Troy. There's no space in a movie to introduce the godly elements as well and I rather liked with how they played off the whole Achilles' divinity angle as being the usual human over-awedness with someone who's almost impossibly good. The cast they picked portrayd the central characters of the Illiad exactly the way I imagined them,so,different strokes I guess.

Clash of the Titans was awesome when I was like 5, but it's painfully ridiculous now [yup. it was on TV last year, watched it. ouch].
It could do with a makeover.

Danyelle said...

You are adorable! :)

*hugs* Yeah, November is that time of year when Life seems to come at one with a sharp sword, ninja moves, and perhaps some citrus. >.<

*writing cookies*
*life dodging muffins* O:)

Krispy said...

David- I did generally enjoy Troy, and the cast did a good job. I loved Sean Bean as Odysseus and Eric Bana's Hector, and I liked the interpretation of Achilles' demigod abilities. And I was fine with the lack of the gods because that's the kind of angle they were going for. It was some of the BLATANT inaccuracy of the fates of major characters that did it in for me. Mostly, I mean Menelaus (though Paris really should've gotten what should have been coming). I don't even like him, but that wasn't his fate.

Dani- Thanks and LOL, love your description of November's ups and downs. I think it partly has to do w/the holidays & in my case an overabundance of Nov. birthdays. Good luck to you too!

David de Beer said...

It was some of the BLATANT inaccuracy of the fates of major characters that did it in for me.

ah,okay! well,yes,but the facts aren't very Hollywood -- Menelaus and Helen go back to Troy and stay married? Agamemnon wins and goes home? where, all right,I do prefer that his own wife gutted him at the height of his triumph but I can also see why they changed some of the things they did. Hollywood -- you have to take the good spins with the bad spins and hope the overall doesn't suck too much.

Krispy said...

David- Yeah, I'm usually pretty lenient when it comes to changes to source material because you do have to spin things differently sometimes for the most effective cinematic oomph. I was okay with Agamemnon getting his in the movie(though Clytemnestra taking him down is MORE awesome) because he was the douchebag of the movie and the audience needed that satisfaction, especially since Achilles and Hector both don't make it to the end. I would also have been okay with Helen escaping and starting a new life on her own! But Menelaus getting killed off was so NOT COOL. I kinda view the Iliad & the Odyssey as a set, and Important Things in the Odyssey kind of can't happen w/o Menelaus being around to facilitate certain events. I think that's why I sat up in my seat and mouthed WTF at the movie screen when that went down.

Paris getting a happy ending when I just wanted to strangle him throughout the entire film, also NOT COOL. I was kind of looking forward to his canonical demise, but that didn't happen. And seriously, what was redeeming about him that made him deserving of the relatively happy end?

I'm going to stop now. This is a long comment. :P

David de Beer said...

And seriously, what was redeeming about him that made him deserving of the relatively happy end?

all I can think of is that Paris was played by Orlando Bloom -- a superb portrayal of the narcisstic wuss that I'm not altogether certain Bloom had to work hard at -- and his agent managed to successfully argue a change in the script based on [at the time] idea that Bloom is super-hawt and super-hawt actors neither die nor get bad endings in movies.
(sadly, this does happen in the movies.)

as for the character himself being deserving? hmm...thinking...thinking....still thinking...actually, I could never even fathom what Helen saw in him to begin with!

Krispy said...

David- He totally lived because he happened to be Orlando Bloom. (To many, Brad Pitt is super-hawt too, but hawtness did not save him.)

Helen didn't see anything in him. We all know in reality, it was those pesky gods and one really shiny golden apple. ;)

Merc said...

I think there are 30 days in Nov for a reason. O:)

Cute costume!

I'm wavering on CotT, since the original one sort of cracks me up and has a Special Place but still... at least it might have cool battles, right?

Krispy said...

Merc- Yes, it might be LULZ-worthy, but at least it'll have pretty explosions? :)


I wish November had thirty ONE days.