Official NaNoWriMo Post!

As promised, here is my Official NaNoWriMo Post! Look it even has capital letters.

Anyway, I've signed up. I am LIVE on the Nanowrimo site here: Kangaru, and in case you missed it, Alz is live here: Shizalent.

My NaNo novel is going to be about a young man trying to break the long-standing curse on his family, and it's set in some pseudo-Asian fantasy land, which hopefully I'll be able to pull off with some amount of skill and integrity. XP I'm super excited because I kind of love all of this, and there will be many shiny things like but not limited to: creepy settings, mythical beasties, hidden identities, a luck demon, and the enigmatic Midnight Sun. (I'll come up with a better summary/update my Nano profile page once I get a better handle on the plot. Heh.)

Please follow our progress and cheer (or jeer?) us on during the month of November! Friend us too if you're also participating! I am using a lot of exclamation points!

In other news, I've also decided what I'm going to be for Halloween - a Hogwarts student for one event and Alice In Wonderland for the other.


Danyelle said...

Yay you! I'll have to friend you both. I'm windsong. :D You're story sounds fabulous. I especially love the luck demon element. O:)

Krispy said...

Yay! I've friended you too! What's your NaNo project?

I like the luck demon, but something else is my favorite part of this new project. ;)

Merc said...

Wheee! :D I have added you as a buddy to stalk--er, cheer you on. ;)

Icy Roses said...

Wow, super jealous that you have two costumes? I'm using the same one for Friday and Saturday because I love it, and I obviously want to get the most usage out of it as possible.

Yeah, NaNo!

Krispy said...

Merc- Stalkers are okay...as long as they comply with the required number of yards specified in the restraining order.

Icy Roses- What's your costume?!! I'm all curious now! The Hogwarts one isn't really a costume-costume. I just happen to have school-uniform-esque clothes and a Harry Potter tie. No fuss! Plus, I'm wearing this to work, and the Alice one probably is doing too much. XP

Woooh NaNo!