What's Up Wednesday (43)

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Lots of things at the moment. Mostly, I'm reading HEIR OF FIRE, but some nights, I'll read a little of MORTAL GODS.

For reading more pertaining to what I'm writing, I've started the verse novel, A TIME TO DANCE. It has a beautiful cover, and I've only been hearing good things about it. Read the prologue, and it is sumptuous.


A little bit of the verse novel. You can see my RSW Week 11 update for more details. I also wrote a poem.

Last year, when April Tucholke's BETWEEN THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP BLUE SEA was released, I wrote a Twitter poem inspired by the prompt "devil," which I then expanded into a longer poem.

This year, when April's sequel BETWEEN THE SPARK AND THE BURN released, I wrote a long poem based on the title which I then shortened into a Twitter poem. Here's the Twitter poem (but there's an excerpt from the longer version in my RSW Week 11 post).

There is a void,
an unknowable space,
the spark & the burn.
& there in the
is where you’ll find


This also fits under the "reading" category, but I'm also flipping through Sylvia Plath's book of poems, ARIEL. Her metaphors, her way with words is so evocative and compelling. Definitely inspiring.


Well, my birthday was this past weekend! So I did some fun things (hence why I didn't manage to post the Comic Con recap post on Friday).

1) The birthday gift I bought myself arrived just in time for me to wear for my birthday weekend! It's the Blackmilk dress I have long coveted: the Marauder's Map Reversible Skater Dress 2.0! (The Marauder's Map I got in the UK in February at the WB Harry Potter Studio Tour.)

Azkaban is my favorite book and best book! And I adore the Marauders and their map!

This side of the dress says "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft & Wizardry."
2) I also hung out with minions and loitered in fake!London with the Sister. (I wore the dress the other way - the side that says "The Marauder's Map.")

3) Saw Guardians of the Galaxy again with friends, but this time in IMAX 3D!

4) Met the smart, funny, amazing Sarah Enni - the lady behind the First Draft podcast. We've been Twitter friends for a while, and she went to a Pac-10 school! So, it was so fun finally meeting her. We ate delicious dumplings, chatted about books and writing, and of course, pop culture geekery... like our love for Lee Pace. There was even a thrilling interlude involving a spider interrupting our lunch.

A pic from Sarah's epic road trip. From her instagram: @sarahenni
In all the excitement, we forgot to take a picture (boo!), but it's okay because I'm sure we will meet again!

5) The Sis got me a ridiculously adorable purse and a perfect ice cream cake. It was blue with swirlies, and I love both of those things.

6) For my birthday dinner, my besties, the Sister, and I went out for the most delicious lobster ever. It's this local Chinese seafood place that is always packed, but the lobster is so, so worth it. Om nom nom.

7) To end my birthday weekend, I received two glorious things on Monday. First, Tom Hiddleston did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and posted the video in the morning - so THANK YOU, UNIVERSE. Second, when I got home, I found I'd received a birthday card in the mail. It was posted from Canada, which could really only mean that my dear Twitter friend Yahong had sent it to me. And not only was it super sweet, it included amazing bookmarks! LOL.

So yeah, good birthday weekend! :D

What's up with you?


Melanie Crouse said...

Prisoner of Azkaban is DEFINITELY the best and that dress--wow. That dress is so much fun. Love it! It sounds like you had a great week. Hope this one is just as awesome.

ELAdams said...

LOVE the dress! *wants* Sounds like you've had a fantastic week! ^_^

Tonja Drecker said...

That is an amazing dress! But it sounds like it fit perfectly with the rest of your week. Wow. I'm trying not to be jealous ;)

Miss Cole said...

Nice dress! Happy Birthday. That cake looks delicious :D

How was fake London? ;)

Have an amazing week!

Julie Dao said...

I'm so glad you had an amazing birthday!! <3