What's Up Wednesday (41)

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Long Lankin! It's a long book, and also Comic Con ate all my time. I'm getting back to reading this week.


The verse story. I'm not even going to link you to my Ready.Set.Write! update for this week because it's sad. I have not written anything new or even thought about it. Again, blame SDCC!


The general kindness and friendliness of the nerd herd. I can't even begin to tell you how many nice Fannibals I met this past weekend or how many random not-my-fandom line friends I made while dealing with the special kind of purgatory that is waiting in Comic Con lines. Thanks for keeping me sane, geeks!


I missed last week's post, but right before SDCC we got manicures!

The Sister's (Cat) cat manicure.
Flower manicure for me.
But what you want to know about really is SAN DIEGO COMIC CON!!! Or as my friend likes to say Comic KHAAAAAAAN~!

This last is actually quite accurate because this year's SDCC presented frustrations my first time at SDCC didn't. I predicted last year that nothing would top that 1st year, and I was right! Not that this year wasn't fun, and not that incredibly cool things didn't happen, but it was also a lot more frustrating & generally kind of a lull year?

And I didn't go in with the mindset that I wanted it to top/be like last year because that would have been an exercise in disappointment, but 1st year was definitely better. (I mean, c'mon. Tom Hiddleston (2x). Hugh Dancy. Lee Pace. The entire cast of X-Men Days of Future Past!)

Again, not to make it sound like this year wasn't amazing because it was! SDCC is its own kind of magic. Anyway, I will post separate SDCC recap posts because I know some of you are interested/requested pics & I have way too many of them to post here.

But to give you a taste, here's some cool stuff that happened + pics!
  • We did the exclusives thing AND the booth signing thing (namely, I met the cast of Hannibal!)!
All black end-credit jaegers. Yaaaaaassss!
  • We did the (casual) cosplay thing.
Aquaman was too tall to fit in this shot.
  • We spotted people on the Exhibit Hall floor!
Scott Thompson post-Hannibal signing.
Peter S. Beagle, author of my favorite book!!!
  • We did the party thing. Hey, Nerd HQ!
Free photo booth shenanigans at Nerd HQ dance party.
  • We did NOT do the Hall H thing. :( The line was way too crazy (more on that in future posts). But actually, I don't regret not being in there on Saturday.
  • We did do the Hall H thing Saturday night for WB's DC Entertainment night & saw the pilots for CW's THE FLASH, FOX's GOTHAM, and NBC's CONSTANTINE. Thoughts on that in future recaps (all are good but Gotham is fantastic).
  • We obviously did the photo-booth/ gif-booth thing.
Zip-lining through Gotham, no big deal.
  • We made it to the Hannibal PANNIBAL!
Appropriate attire: stag, dinner setting,
plaid, flower crown (not pictured).
  • OCULUS RIFT everything. 360 degree virtual reality thing that allows me to pilot a jaeger & ascend the Night Watch's Wall? Yes, please!
  • Meeting online friends! I finally met author and blogger friend LYDIA KANG!! She is the sweetest, and we chatted about SDCC craziness and soupy dumplings (because we love food).

  • GOTHAM everything. (They had the best stuff.)
  • Oh and most importantly, we actually ate at least 1 REAL MEAL a day (dinner)!
I will begin my SDCC full recap this Friday next week! (Too exhausted. Pictures still on camera...)

What's up with you?


ELAdams said...

Sounds like you had a blast! :) I love comic cons.

Laura S. said...

You look like you had so much fun at Comic Con! And I love the manicures. Have a great week, Krispy!

Happy reading and writing! from Laura Marcella @ Wavy Lines

Lydia Kang said...

It was so great seeing you there! Next time, maybe Julie Dao will be there and we'll actually EAT soupy dumplingS!

prerna pickett said...

I will make it Comic Con some day, until then I will enviously read about other people's experiences and daydream about a chance run in with Captain America.

Miss Cole said...

SDCC looks amazing! One day I really hope I get to go, too! Thanks for sharing :D