In which the Universe gives me a Pep Talk

It's Wednesday, and it's hot. Finally. Honest to goodness, dry, approaching 3-digit Californian summer heat.

Anyway, it must have been the random (Californian)cold weather and gloominess the past week (and the cold I caught because of it), but I've been feeling down. Every once in a while, the uncertainty and stresses of Real Life overtake me and I freak out. I wonder, what the heck am I doing? (Actually, I wonder this a lot, but it's all about the tone with which such wondering is done.) Is this getting me anywhere? Am I making the right decision?

Times like these, I usually end up shaking my fist at the sky and saying, Congrats Universe, you win! Everything sucks!

But the Universe is surprising and sometimes, it is even kind.

  • At the end of my crappy-mood Monday, I got an email saying I won the ARC of Sapphique from the sweet Steph at Steph Su Reads. You don't know how much I wanted this sequel to Incarceron, and now I don't have to wait until the end of the year for it!!! I never actually think I'll win anything, but this was truly surprising! And what a mood lifter! Coupled with scoring some books from Tere just the week before, I think this is my winningest streak of luck ever.
  • The ever awesome Elana posted about adjusting your thinking towards the positive on Tuesday, which was more than timely for me.
    • I was catching up on some blog reading and ran across Inky's Pep Talk post from a few days back, which had the effect of giving me a pep talk too. By the way, if you follower her on Twitter (@inksie), she's celebrating having 200 followers with a contest!
      • My horoscopes are strangely on it today. As in, they actually kind of apply and they're giving me a pep talk too. They say:
      Leo: Think of your recent misfortune as an auspicious sign -- if you hadn't hit this bump and just carried on as usual, it almost certainly would have exploded in your face at exactly the wrong time! As it stands, you have plenty of time to fix whatever isn't working and get yourself back in the game. Be grateful for this down time -- at least it gives you a chance to take care of business with somewhat less pressure.
      Tiger: When times are hard, you must be more energetic and determined than the obstacles that you face. Nobody has ever run the gauntlet and survived to tell about it if they didn't have the drive and motivation to make it through. Turn depression or feelings of disappointment into a sheer will to improve your situation as best you can.
      So the next time you're feeling down, do your best to push through it and stay positive. Sometimes, the Universe (and cool people) will really come through for you and remind you things aren't so bad. Chin up! You might make mistakes, but you'll get through it. Thanks Universe, and thanks everyone!  

      What are you grateful about this Wednesday? Has the Universe ever been kind to you?

      P.S. Alz posted about Music and Writing on Monday. Check it out if you haven't yet! Yep, there are two of us here, but Alz is more reclusive than I am.


        XiXi said...

        Holy cow, I am a Leo too.

        I'm glad your week is turning up. Everyone needs a pep talk once in a while!

        Nicole said...

        I'm a Leo three!! ;p And yep the universe is awesome and giving. Be grateful for what you have and more good will come your way :)

        You caught a cold in Summer? Hope it goes soon, I just got rid of mine but its Winter here in NZ so a cold is at least expected. Take care and keep smiling

        Lydia Kang said...

        I'm screwing it up, I'm a Libra. :)
        I'm glad things are getting better for you! We all need a pep talk once in a while!

        Rachele Alpine said...

        Hello! I'm so jealous of you winning Saphique! My book club just read Incarceron, and I'm dying to get my hands on the next book!

        Krispy said...

        Yay Leos, and thanks everyone!

        Rachele- Welcome! Incarceron was SO GOOD, right? I cannot WAIT to get Sapphique. Still don't believe I won it.

        Dr. Mohamed said...

        I hope you made it through your "blahs" and are back into creating :)

        Roland D. Yeomans said...

        Like Icy Roses, I'm glad your week is becoming more endurable.

        My friend, Eric, in my gloom times is always full of helpful sayings as in : "What doesn't kill you only postpones the inevitable."

        Yeah, we all have an Eric in our lives. Have a better weekend, Roland