Randomosity on Fridays

I'm totally slacking on the blogging front right now, guys. Sorry! It's mostly because my sister just finished finals, which means we can watch stuff!!! We're almost done watching the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. That and Luce is approaching the last third of Supernatural Season 5. So basically, I've been distracted.

On the other hand, my distractions have spawned a few ideas for future posts, so I can't complain. Must let the seeds germinate.

Until then, here's a very random Friday 5.

1. GLEE finale. To me, Glee has been very uneven ever since it came back from the hiatus. Characters have been on and off (um, anyone else think Mr. Shu got a little CREEPY some eps). Some eps had weird pacing, some eps were totally GLEE and great (e.g. the Madonna ep), and some were way too heavy-handed (e.g. "Hello" ep). I mean, part of the Glee thing is stating the obvious, but there's tongue-in-cheek, Glee-corny obvious and then there's hitting-me-over-the-head-repeatedly obvious. Basically, some eps I felt like Glee was trying too hard to be Glee. HOWEVER, the GLEE finale was pitch perfect - as in, it was like 1st half of the season Glee. Characters didn't compromise themselves by acting out of character just to make the episode go a certain way, and I liked how they did certain events. Oh and JGroff FINALLY got an EPIC, long number. My sister was so annoyed that Glee was under-using his Broadway talent so much, but we finally got a number. So all in all, well done.

2. I've been on this site: 750words.com. You basically try to write 750 words a day, free-write style and you get points and badges for it. It's pretty cool because it also does like light analysis of what you've written, so you get this colorful stats page that breaks down your entries into things like how long it took you to get to 750 words, what was the overall mood of your entry, were you focused more on the past, present or future, etc. Also, that means I've been writing EVERY SINGLE DAY for the past week, 750 words each time. That's kind of huge for me. None of it is very uh, useful, in the creative writing sense, but it's good practice and good for de-stressing. Writing is cathartic, my friends. There are psych studies to back this up (I love my major sometimes).

This was my stats page for Tuesday: 750words.com/entries/share/153345

3. My good friend and fellow Golden Bear alum had an article up on Tiger Beatdown this past week called The J.K. Rowling Complex, or, Why My Initials Are How You Know Me. The article addresses gender bias in the business of writing or why lady authors might consider obscuring their lady status in order to get more opportunities/readership/audience/etc. It's smart and it's sassy - just like its author, the talented playwright extraordinaire and former cad about town, M.R. Fall.

4. My cousin is turning 21 this year, and we're celebrating IN STYLE. This necessitates shopping for going out/clubbing clothes. I rarely go on these outings, and when I do it is ALWAYS impossible to find nice clubbing clothes when I need it. It sucks. When I'm NOT looking for the clothes, there will be cute dresses or shirts that I'll look at and think, I'd wear this out. This is nice., but when I NEED clothes, there is NEVER ANYTHING I like. Which is why I'm looking now, a full month ahead. Wish me luck!

5. So I think OK Go is premiering their new music video this weekend or something. It's for the song End Love. Also, I might be in it.....Um...good thing? Not sure yet.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Elana Johnson said...

Oh, I so agree on Glee. It's been up and down and all around. Glad you're getting to spend time with your sister.

Anonymous said...

750words.com sounds like an excellent site, and I'm glad you've gotten a lot of writing done through it. :)

Thanks for sharing the J.K. Rowling link. Have a great weekend!

Krispy said...

Elana- Glad I'm not the only one who thought so about Glee!

Sandy- 750words is the daily kick I need to stay on point. XP