Happy New Year!

It's New Year's Eve, and there's a blue moon!

I think I'll go make a wish on it (I mean, why not? It's a weird astronomical thingamabob, right?). ;)

I saw my last movie for 2009/the decade today (and in 3D too!). AVATAR was gorgeously real and all kinds of beautiful. See it if you haven't. Oh James Cameron, you fiddled with my heartstrings with Titanic when I was a tween girl, and now you're dazzling my eyes with all the bio-luminescence of Pandora and making me empathize with blue people. So good.

The last book series I finished in 2009? Percy Jackson & the Olympians. So glad I finished it, but I'm sad it's over. Um, more please?

The last thing I wrote in 2009: a random drabble set in Story of Questionable Origin-verse, which I should finish before the clock strikes midnight.

I have New Year's resolutions somewhere around here, but until I find them, I'm just here to say HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! May the new decade be better than the last!

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Danyelle L. said...

Happy (Belated New Year! I hope the moon was l paying attention when you wished. :D