We have to start somewhere

Welcome to A Nudge in the Right Direction, which is an attempt at documenting our journey into the realm of collaborative novel writing. This will inevitably include much insanity because both Alz and I are known to be a little bit spastic, and also, we're new at this (sort of)!

With this blog, the hope is that in self-reflection and conscious pondering, our collective efforts will be all the more educational. We expect musings on character development and world building, the testing of brainstorming techniques, recordings of the trials and tribulations of working together, and the basic mumblings about honing the craft. And in any case even if none of the aforementioned come to pass, it would be nice to have something to click back to in the future to see the strange (or not so strange) things we did in the raising of our metaphorical baby.

As for the title of the blog itself, it could be interpreted to have layers of hidden meaning, but mostly, it's just an inside joke in reference to one of our new characters, Val. Clearly, Val is for us as he is for his character-associates in this new novel a nudge in the right direction.

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