Noteworthy developmental notes of development

So I suppose I ought to make a post of some kind, to make my mark upon this blog and also to hold true to the mission statement our dear Krispy has outlined below. If this blog is to be a bastion of evolutionary recollection, then we'd damn well better hop to it like bunnies on crack and get some recording down and done.

Every day has so far seen progress of some kind, be it the technical details of giving characters names and backgrounds or be it meandering along with motives and plot. Last night in particular we hacked our way through a couple of scenes, came up with a few more characters, and finally had main characters meet each other. Most of this consisted of us going, "OMG and then he ought to do this, don't you think?" and "omg YESSSS okay okay and that's because of what happened earlier, right?", followed by one of us going, "LOL yeah", and ultimately culminating in something akin to a little thing we like to call "plot".

Most of our progress takes this form via instant messaging. But this just goes to show that we are so awesome we cannot be stopped. Yes, that is a great big fat ball-and-chain of hubris I'm lugging around, but like our characters, everyone needs a "human" moment, their flaws, their quirks. Even when not all of them are exactly human.

Incidentally, just for kicks, I've decided to list the names we were coming up with when we were trying to figure out what our mysterious researchers would name their project. The abandoned list includes:

Project Ambrosia
Project Nectar
Project 42
Project Peach
Project Gnosis

There were a couple more, but those are the more interesting ones. In the end, we decided that the project name should be Project Apple--which was, actually, the second name Krispy suggested after Project FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE, which we regretfully decided was a little too obvious a name. Alas.

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