Geekchic OOTD: Looking for a Mind at Work

April somehow conspired to be a great month for my Hamilton interests. This month marks one year since I wrote this emotional and somehow coherent review of my experience of Hamilton at the Public in February 2015, and the Hamiltome is finally out in the world! (Deliver my book to meeee quickly, BN!)

And last but not least, one of my favorite geek ladies, Jordan of Jordandené, is offering a Hamilton-themed shirt (or tank) for her April Shirt of the Month. It features a quote from the song "The Schuyler Sisters," which is the show's introduction to the eponymous sisters - amazing women of the Revolution.

So in honor of all things Hamilton musical, I am making my first Outfit of the Day post, featuring Jordan's "Looking for a Mind at Work" shirt. (Stick around to the end for a surpriiiiiise~!)

A little background:

I'm an unabashed fan of Jordan's simple-chic, hand-lettered geeky shirt designs, and I love the Shirt of the Month feature because it means getting a new design on a monthly basis. So when Jordan reached out to me for Hamilton quotes for the April shirt, I didn't hesitate to, frankly, bombard her with quotes. Anyone who has listened to the musical can sympathize; it is brimming with quotable lines.

But I ultimately pushed for something from the Schuyler Sisters because I love these resilient, brilliant women and thought they ought to be represented on more Hamilton merch. I couldn't be happier that Jordan went with the quote "Looking for a mind at work!"

Full disclosure, Jordan sent me an early preview of the shirt for helping, and I was so excited about it that I resolved to do an outfit post for fun. And then once I started, I felt like I had to do 3 different outfits - you know, one for each of the sisters. :)

Note: The shirt I'm wearing in these pictures is an XS. I normally order T-Shirts in S for a looser fit. In the tanks, I usually order in XS because the S tends to run a bit big on me.

ANGELICA - I know her dress isn't really pink, but it's a warm and vibrant color. Angelica is a lady, but she's independent and strong too, so I thought this feminine floral skirt paired with bold lips and the sassier cat-eye frames would represent that well.

Outfit details: SHIRT (Jordandene) // SKIRT (Forever 21 N/A; Modcloth-similar) // SHOES (Eileen Fisher) // SUNGLASSES (HotTopic) // NECKLACE (Forever 21 N/A) // LIP COLOR (Bite Beauty custom coral; similar in 'pickled ginger')

ELIZA - Eliza's color palette is soft blues and greens, and her personality is more subdued than Angelica's. Hers is a quiet, honest strength. So I went with a sweeter look.

Outfit details: SHIRT (Jordandene) // SHORTS (Dear Creatures N/A ; asos- similar) // CARDIGAN (Target- similar) // SHOES (Forever 21- similar) // FAUX LACE COLLAR (vintage) // LIP COLOR (Bite Beauty custom nude; similar in 'meringue')

& PEGGY - The youngest Schuyler sister has become something of a fan favorite as perhaps the sassiest sister (and if you read about her, you'll find she was badass too - like saved her family by lying through her teeth to Redcoats & scaring them off). So I stuck with her yellow color palette and gave her my most youthful and work-work outfit.

Outfit details: SHIRT: (Jordandene) // SKIRT: (Forever 21-similar) // TIGHTS (Blackmilk) // SHOES (Nike N/A) // NECKLACE (Forever 21- similar) // BRACELET (BombDotComGeekery - similar) // SUNGLASSES (Ray Ban) // LIP COLOR (ColorPop in 'Beeper')

And as a gift to my wonderful internet friends for putting up with my endless Hamilton obsession, Jordan has given me a discount code to share with you!

You can get 25% off the entire Jordanden√© site, including the Hamilton shirt with my code workwork. The code is good through May 31st, but remember, the Hamilton Schuyler Sisters shirt will only be available until the end of April!

Already have the Hamilton shirt? No worries because there are other great options - like my other favorite, the Matt the Radar Technician/Kylo Ren tank.

HAPPY SHOPPING! (And special thanks to Jordan Ellis!) Huzzah!

Q4U: Which of these outfits was your favorite? What Jordandene goods are you getting?


Usagi said...

The Peggy outfit is my favorite out of the three. I keep trying to style shirts with shirts and it never looks good on me! You're rocking the outfits something fierce!

Unknown said...

All of your outfits are super cute!! I think the Angelica one is my fave because I'm a sucker for floral prints. My mom ordered my sister and I tanks and a tee for herself, and they just came in the mail yesterday :D

Unknown said...

I love the Angelica outfit and I die for those shoes!! Your outfits are always so cute!!

Unknown said...

I love that you did an outfit inspired by each of the ladies! I love them all, but your Peggy-inspired one is my fave!!

Kristin Hackett said...

Ahhh I love that you styled an outfit for each sister! My favorite look is Peggy's but they're all so cute! I got my Hamiltome yesterday! I'm so happy I had preordered it because Amazon sold out within a day of its release! I can never thank you enough for getting me on the Hamilton bandwagon when you came to visit<3 And I'm totally using your discount code to get my own shirt!

Arbine said...

I love the Peggy outfit. So cute!

Whitney H said...

I just got this shirt in the mail Tuesday and I love to see how you styled yours! So so so cute.