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"Currently..." updates will be every 2 weeks or so. Going to try to update on Tuesdays when Katy Upperman posts hers.

I found the Currently post at Kate Hart's blog, who got the idea from Amy Lukavics, who found it here. Please join in and link me in the comments if you do!

  • My awesome internet/Twitter friends - like Jessica who sent me a book in a Star Wars bedecked envelope and Tracey who sent me a freaking box of apple cider donuts straight from New England!!

  • The Wizarding World in Hollywood!!! OH EM GEE.

So thanks to the Sister's excellent internet sleuthing, we went to Universal Studios during a Wizarding World "technical rehearsal," which is basically a soft opening. And it was AMAZING.

We LOVED the Forbidden Journey ride. It is *so* cool, though I still think it didn't have to have the 3D parts of it (which yes, did make me a little queasy). You never really see pictures of inside the Hogwarts Castle because it's too dark to take good pictures, but going through it as part of the line for Forbidden Journey is kind of magic. You literally walk through the castle - talking portraits and classrooms and all.

This mini-park is tiny though. It only has 2 rides, one of which is a kiddie roller-coaster, and I can see the park getting really crazy packed once it officially opens. Still, it's pretty magic. And frozen butter beer is the ish.
Yeah, and I totally bought a wand - Luna's!

  • A Gathering of Shadows
  • Lucifer Vol. 3

  • Downton Abbey - I'm sadder than I thought I'd be now that it has ended!
  • Zootopia - Disney animation is really hitting these movies out of the park. Was not super interested in this outing until I heard that it's deeper than its "cute-talking-animals" premise would have you believe. Bravo Disney for taking a hard look at prejudice and not shying away from discussing it.
  • Bam4Ham - this is the hashtag for yesterday's super fun Hamilton cast event/trip to Washington DC and the White House. Part of it was live-streamed by the White House, including 2 songs from the show. If you missed the live-stream (like I did because I was at work, boo), here's an article with links to all the vids: Cast of Hamilton performs at the White House.
    • And of course, Lin-Manuel had to do a freestyle rap with POTUS in the Rose Garden.

Wait for it... ⬇️ #Bam4Ham
Posted by The White House on Monday, March 14, 2016

  • Lore Podcast - seriously, go listen to it! It's the frightening truth behind fiction!


The series of Geek Travel blog posts I'm working on in collaboration with Marlon of Nerdcoolture.

I don't even know where Marlon is here, but it looks epic. (Photo: Marlon)

Be sure to check out his first post: Why Nerds Travel (Pt 1) and mine will be up tomorrow at Girl on the Roam!


For that hour back, darn you Daylight Savings!

  • The truly amazing ways the internet has changed the way we connect with people. Really enjoyed meeting with and talking to these geek bloggers and creators thanks to Tony (@Crazy4ComicCon).

Photo: Tony (Crazy4ComicCon)
  • How all our favorites are problematic (in light of the not-so-great material generated by JKR for her Wizarding World universe's Magic in North America - linked to a pretty good overview of the issues), how we should remember we will all misstep from time to time, and how we should strive to keep learning and keep doing better.


  • Dinner with the First Draft Live gals. These ladies are so smart and funny. It was a whirlwind of conversation.
  • Con Squad Outings - We visited the Descanso Gardens for the Cherry Blossom Festival!
We were not disappointed. Though it was crowded, the flowers were beautiful!

What's your Currently? Let me know what you've been up to in the comments!


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