Krispy Goes Away

Krispy is off adventuring across the wild blue yonder.  I have explicitly instructed Krispy to bring me back a good rock--it can't just be any old London rock, oh no.  This has to be a rock that speaks to her in the resonant tones of geological destiny and says, "Krispy, you are to take me back to the United States for Alz."  If no rocks say this to her, then she is not to bring me one.  I'm hoping she'll bring me back a boulder-sized diamond but I never know what I'm going to get.

Have happy funtimes abroad, Krispy and the Sister!  They've still got internet while they're abroad, so if you've any sightseeing suggestions or foodable advice, go ahead and tell 'em!

In the meantime, Alz is on Loki Duty.  He's already suspicious and knows something is up, but I expect it will take him until tomorrow to realize that it's just him.  And Alz.  AGAIN.  The horror...

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