Randomosity on Fridays

I started like 3 posts and couldn't quite manage to finish any of them so instead we're having good ol' Randomosity on Fridays, Friday Five style!

1. Saw the Avengers twice, once with Krispy and her sister, and then again with Krispy again and our mutual medical-student-who-is-graduating-today-congratulations!  It was very entertaining, humorous and action-packed and every hero has a chance to shine, and oh the villain Loki, how he shines too, with the brilliance of a supernova refracted a thousandfold by a million diamonds.  (Okay, okay, so Krispy and I have a thing for Loki/Tom Hiddleston.)  Even though the movie is a whopping ~2.5 hours long, it doesn't feel long.  Be sure to stay until the credits end for a second extra scene!

2. I've been playing this stupid iPad game called Lil Kingdom where I only just discovered today that it's possible to build a Unicorn Ranch and hatch a unicorn out of an egg.  It's a stubby li'l unicorn that wiggles when it prances and otherwise stands around literally shedding purple glitter everywhere.  It's like all of my dreams come true. Or one of them, anyway.

3. Coming soon! A post on why Escaflowne is one of the greatest anime series ever.

4. I've been learning how to do opaque enameling on copper. Provided you have a kiln heated to 1500°F, a long fork, a heat-protective glove, a trivet and tray, enamel powder, a sifter, a dust mask, and a properly cleaned piece of metal, it's not all that difficult. Unless, you know, you want to do something more interesting than one solid color. But what is life without challenge?

[I'd post a picture of my pieces except they're not done yet and also the lighting is bad right now and I'm lazy. Krispy's schneizeleffort is rubbing off on me for realz.]

5. Li'l Hawkeye came to me courtesy of Krispy and her sister, who, understanding that I am a Hawkeye hater for various reasons both reasonable and unreasonable, saw him at Target and knew that he belonged with me. He came with me to see the Avengers. While he was happy to see himself so large on the silver screen, he was immensely saddened by the fact that within the first five minutes of the film, my opinion of him as lame proved totally justified.

Someday, Li'l Hawkeye believes he will become a real superhero.
Until then, he's going to wear this pink cape and pretend.
That's what's been going on 'round hereabouts, folks. What've you been up to lately? Gaining new skills? Watched any movies? Seen any unicorns?


Connie Keller said...

I can't wait to see your enamel on copper! How cool!!

Tere Kirkland said...

I did see a unicorn. It was dead.

(on Pottermore, lol)

So psyched to see your enamel on copper! Have a fun weekend, ladies. :)

Ariana Ferrone said...

Yes to Avengers and YES YES YES to that Escaflowne post!

Angela said...

I need to watch more movies. I'm dying to see The Avengers.

Emy Shin said...

I've been wanting to watch The Avengers -- and I definitely have to get on that soon.

And enameling on copper is seriously the coolest thing ever! Do post pics when you're done!

David de Beer said...

oh, Escaflowne, always wanted to see it and totally forgot it existend. till now. must make plan.

Barbara Ann Wright said...

Loved the Avengers. I don't have any unicorns, but my office is covered in various glittery objects.

Anonymous said...

Escaflowne was the very first series I collected on DVD. I bought each installment and collected the little proof of purchase cards. Complete the set, send in the cards, and you get a set of the anime tarot cards. Sadly, I lost the last one.

Angela Brown said...

Watching that trailer I now must re-watch Escaflowne because I definitely enjoyed that show. Saw the Avengers this weekend. And I know Loki had his shiny, sparkly, Goooold going on...but Hulk just ripped the movie...with just those facial expressions. oh...and "Puny God"

Julie Dao said...

I haven't seen the Avengers yet, but everyone is RAVING about that movie. I for one am excited about the Snow White movie coming up in a couple weeks!