April Acrobatics

Welcome to APRIL, everyone! We're back and mostly ready for action! Thanks for bearing with our absence the last week or so and for all your well-wishes and inquiries. As Alz said on our APRIL FOOL'S POST, which featured THE LAST MANATEE prologue, we're mostly healthy again. Well, I think she's like 100%; I'm hovering somewhere at 90% (stupid cough!).

In any case, we're working on a long-o Hunger Games movie review, I'm doing taxes, and I'm suffering from a sore shoulder muscle (I pulled it in my sleep, so now every time I laugh or cough, I am in pain). I also have a Disney princess temporary tattoo above my elbow that refuses to come off.

Dang it, Aurora! Why can't I scrub you off?

So all we have for you today is a video. Behold! Alz's rat revealing acrobatic talents!


Hopefully on Friday, we'll have part of our Hunger Games movie review ready for you. Needless to say I have many FEELINGS about it (not all of them good, but outside of the movie itself, I am coming to love JLawrence and JHutcherson a lot though.)

UPDATE us! What have you been up to? And have you seen the Hunger Games movie yet?


Sophia Chang said...

Apotheosis is ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must meet.

Lydia Kang said...

Aw, that rat is so cute! I've always wanted a rat since I found out they're so intelligent and cuddly.

Anonymous said...

haven't seen the Hunger Games yet...hopefully this weekend I will!

Cute tat, LOL!

Barbara Ann Wright said...

I saw the movie. I'm okay with it. Aurora, I can't quit you!

Connie Keller said...

Ack! I have to see the movie before your review comes out.

BTW, try rubbing alcohol on the tat. If that doesn't work, try acetone.

linda said...

Can't wait for your HG review! :D Also, I just left a comment regarding my thoughts on HG at Kristan Hoffman's blog, and I'm too lazy to type it again so: here. :P