Foodie Friday: Foods of Taiwan

Oh, I managed an alliterative title and everything! As promised, I have another picture-filled post of the delicious morsels I gorged myself on in Taiwan during the trips I took in recent years. They may make you hungry. You have been warned.

Taiwan: Food

Pink Boba (tapioca balls) to go in Milk Tea

Chrysanthemum tea with Ai Yu & Boba Milk Tea

Street Food

Popular street food dish: oyster omelette
Taiwanese Sausages

Actual Food

Tu Hsiao Yueh: a famous noodle place originating from Tainan

Tu Hsiao Yueh's signature dish: Dan Dan noodles
Tu Hsiao Yueh dishes

Din Tai Fung: signature dish xiaolongbao (dumplings with soup in them)

Split Pot Hot-Pot: You get 2 different broths to cook things in!
Douhua (soft tofu dessert) with boba

Grass Jelly with various toppings

Donuts at Mister Donut, a Japanese donut chain

My favorite: snowflake shaved ice! (The shaved ice is extra fine and super fluffy!)

Gigantic regular shaved ice w/ fruit topping.

This place is famous for giant bowls of shaved ice, as you can see.

That's all! Hope you enjoyed this food tour. Have a great Memorial Day weekend! What are you up to this weekend? Have I wetted your appetite?

P.S. Sophia and I will be trying very hard to figure out technology this weekend so we can give you a vlog when you all come back! We're still open to questions!


Connie Keller said...

I love shaved iced! But I haven't had it in years. Mmmm...happy food thoughts.

Juliana L. Brandt said...

All of that food is so beautiful and delicious looking!

Tere Kirkland said...


Please stop with the food posts, already, I'm about to blow off work to run to the west bank for Ai Yu. ;)

Kidding, of course, I love these posts! Have a great weekend and good luck with the vlog post.

Lydia Kang said...

Dude. You're killing me.

(*stomach growling*)

ali cross said...

Beautiful photographs! I'd maybe try some of those dishes. ;)

Emy Shin said...

These look absolutely DELICIOUS. *drools*

Loren Chase said...

I really didn't like the adaptation from Ella Enchanted. (As an adaptation) I was so excited for the movie because I loved the book so much and it really disappointed me. But as a movie by itself it was okay lol.

And this post made me so hungry!!! Bubble tea!! And that oyster omelette looked really good. I want some Taiwanese food now! ;)