Liar, Liar! The Alz Edition

TGIF! We don't have our usual Randomosity for you today. Instead, we have the Alz edition of 3 truths and a lie! Since this is Alz's shindig, I will be quick with my answers.

Those of you who guessed #3 as the lie, YOU ARE CORRECT! I am not ambidextrous. Just plain-old right-handed. My mom, on the other hand (see what I did there), is ambidextrous by necessity. She is naturally left handed, but since that was not fashionable, she was forced to learn right-handedness.

So yes, my friends and I are as weird as we seem. Here's some explanation on my truths.

1. TRUE - Fake girl pop group: A product of the pop explosion of the 90s + our being impressionable, hyperactive tweens. We were named SMACK. Yes, I'm the K in that acronym. There are no actual videos of all 5 of us performing. Thank goodness for small favors...

2. TRUE - Star Wars at the beach: BFFs and I are pretty into Star Wars. It was summer, and Ep. 3 had come out a few months before. We like making stupid videos. So we re-enacted the end of Obi-Wan & Anakin's epic battle. Turns out sand makes for pretty good special effects! Yes, there is a video of this...

4. TRUE - 50 states in alphabetical order: Yes, I can do this, and when I do it, I have to sing it. Yep, a singing version of the 50 states in alphabetical order. We had to learn this song in 5th grade, and I've had it memorized since then. State capitols are another story.

Now for ALZ's 3 truths and a lie!

1. I can read at a rate of 100+ pages an hour, and I do not mean skimming, I mean serious reading-every-word reading.

2. When I was seven, I got lost in the woods while camping and ended up first chasing and then being chased by a flock of turkeys.

3. I like to eat my cotton candy with French fries.

4. The first real original short story I ever wrote as a child involved an evil black unicorn that killed children and turned them into its zombie servants.

(Alz: And here's a self-pinkified pic of my Lord and Master rat Apotheosis and me. Congrats on The Liar Society, Lisa & Laura!)

What are your guesses for Alz? Answers on Wednesday. Have a great weekend everyone!


Elena Solodow said...

#1 seems like an obvious choice, but the other ones seem likely...so my guess is #1.

ali cross said...

Well, if you can REALLY READ 100+ pages in an hour then I will have to bow down and worship you. And since I don't really fancy getting down on my knees, I'll pick #1.

And cotton candy with french fries? Uhhhh .... eww?

And Krispy, you ARE weird. But I love it!

*waves to the rat!*

Lydia Kang said...

Hmmm. My guesses are #1 for Krispy, and for Alz, the french fry one. That's just too gross!

Melissa said...

YAY for pink hair! OMG...cotton candy and french fries... I'm worried that that doesn't repulse me....

Danyelle L. said...

Very fun! *hearts the pink rat* :D

Christina Lee said...

Heh heh--nerd city for your Star Wars truth and cotton candy and fires...hmmm!!! :)

Can you believe kids had to learn how to be right-handed-so strange!

Tere Kirkland said...

Yes! I guessed #3! Go, me! So glad #2 is true!

Hmmm, for Alz, I'm gonna have to go for the cotton candy one, because I hope that's NOT true. Grease and sugar are at the top of the food pyramid. Does that put you at the top of the food chain? ;)

Love these posts! I'm reading Liar Society right now and it's so super good, I hardly want to finish it. Which is why I'm here, trying to prolong the inevitable, I guess. Plus, it feels like I haven't been online in days though because of this little thing called Mardi Gras keeping me busy, so I'm glad I checked my email and saw Krispy's reply to my comment on your last post.

If I like the way Liar Society ends as much as I've enjoyed it so far, I think there'll be a similar pinkified post in my future!