Randomosity on Fridays: Snowy Edition!

Guess what? I'm still in Chicago! Technically, I'm in the suburbs now since that is where my work is located, but it still counts because it is also covered in snow and freezing.

Anyway, it's been a tiring but also fun week! I've missed you all and am sad that keeping up with the blogosphere is proving harder than I thought it'd be. I'll make it up to you next week! Here's my Friday 5.

1. SNOW. It's everywhere. I've never seen so much snow in my life. I want to jump and frolic in it because it is so white and shimmery and pristine, and it's just piled on thick EVERYWHERE.

2. It's also freezing. This isn't as bad as I thought it'd be, and actually, it's kind of EXHILARATING and amusing to me when it's 5 degrees outside. BUT IT IS COLD. Cold like my fingertips start tingling and going numb after like a minute outside. Psychologically, it's even colder when your friends and sister at home are tweeting and Facebooking about how GORGEOUSLY mid-70s it is in California.

3. Yes, Chicago is in the state of ILLINOIS. I had light bulb moment on Wednesday when I made that connection. Oh yes, I am in a different state. It is not called Chicago.

4. Most of this trip has been defined by varying degrees of COLDNESS and FOOD. So much food.

5. So the one thing I bought in Chicago, I could have bought back home at any old Disney store. I'm bringing myself back a new friend - a pink bear that smells like strawberries!

HAPPY WEEKEND everyone! I'm pooped and while I wish I had more time for Chicago adventures (this was, after all, a business trip), I'm excited to go home to mild 70-degree weather.

What did you do this week while I was gone?


Tere Kirkland said...

I've been in revision hell all week. Surprisingly, it's also very cold in hell. I had to wear 2 pair of tights yesterday. ;)

Hope you stay warm until you get back to sunny Cali!

Melissa said...

I always forget that the big cities aren't the whole province or state.

Like London, Toronto, Chicago, Paris....

XiXi said...

People in Illinois get really offended if you think Chicago is its own thing hahah. We are all really proud of Chicago, but there is a giant thing called downstate that everyone outside of Illinois forgets about.

I'm going to Chicago next week! I hope you're having fun there. :)

Sherrie Petersen said...

I'm so jealous that you got to visit the snow! Mid-70s are nice, but we can have that in the spring. I want some winter already!!

Emy Shin said...

Oh, I'm jealous you got to see snow. I don't think I can the cold, but I'm envious nonetheless. ;)

P.S. I didn't know Chicago was in Illinois before now. I feel woefully uneducated. ;)

David de Beer said...

>I want to jump and frolic in it because it is so white and shimmery and pristine

yes, that is it exactly! a friend from Ireland recently sent me pics of how snowed in she was, and my thought was, ooh, I so want to experience that just once! probably because I never see snow myself.

we;ve been having an unusually rainy season all summer here and now the sun is out the heat is even more draining than normal. well, at least autumn is just around the corner.

are Chicagoans still sulking about their Bears missing out on the Superbowl?

ali cross said...

You are so funny Krispy! What did you do to celebrate the warm sunshine when you got back?

I enjoyed having my hubby back home after HE'd been gone on a week long business trip.

Welcome back!

Lydia Kang said...

I went to Florida for a few days and it was cold. What a disappointment!

Krispy said...

Tere- You don't know how much I missed the feeling of just wearing ONE layer of anything! Hope it warms back up for you!

Melissa- Same boat. SAME BOAT.

XiXi- It's a good thing I didn't say anything embarrassing out loud then! This is probably how the rest of California feels about LA and San Fran. :P Chicago was lovely, even if I was freezing. I'm quite keen to go visit again (when it's warmer)!

Sherrie- I totally get you. The snow was pretty awesome, but I don't think I could take living in it. Haha. I do wish we had slightly more variation, but on the other hand, I really hate that it's raining this week! What the heck!

Krispy said...

Emy- It seems geography is not a strong suit here. ;) It's ok. I didn't realize it was next to a HUGE LAKE. Geography fail.

David- I agree! Glad I got to go to CH in the winter because I probably wouldn't have chosen winter given the choice. Snow is definitely an experience! Hope summer gives you some slack soon!

They might still be sulking a little about the Super Bowl. They did seem happy when the Steelers finally scored. I was rooting for the Packers though. Aaron Rodgers was QB at Cal my freshman year; probably wouldn't have gotten into football if he (and the rest of the team) hadn't been so KICK ASS that year. :) W00t!

Ali- Thanks!!! It was 80 degrees on Saturday (my first full day back), so I wore shorts, T-shirt, and flippy floppies! IT WAS AWESOME. :D

Lydia- What?! How could it be cold?! BOO. Weather is tricksy like that. I'm finally back in CA but we're going to have a bunch of rain this week. WHY?!

David de Beer said...

>Aaron Rodgers was QB at Cal my freshman year;

I remember, and found it even more amusing that he won. The true pleasure was in the fact that they beat the Stillers.
In all the redrafts which harcore fans like to do they have Rodgers going to the 49'ers that year, which meant he would have been playing for my team's arch enemy. It turned out much better this way:)