Randomosity on Fridays: Shopping Edition

Another week has passed my friends! It means we are THAT much closer to HARRY POTTER! I was so going to do an HP Randomosity today, but I decided to save that for next week. I am SO excited.

I'm also still VERY behind in NaNo, but things are starting to move forward faster. Yay!

Anyway, I had a rather eventful SHOPPING weekend and a little more shopping went down today, but hey, I had a coupon!

So I now present you with (mostly) Shopping related randomness.

1. I was a total shoe monster and got like 4 new pairs of shoes this weekend. In my defense, they were REALLY GOOD deals, like REALLY. I mean, look at theses beauties.

2. The sister was responsible for 1 pair that I did not know I was getting. She went to a sample sale and scored me a pair of TOMS. They're light blue and very comfy.

She bought herself a very Slytherin pair: two-toned in green and white. She then requested I Harry Potter-ify them. So I did.

Yeah, that's the Dark Mark all up on those shoes, drawn on with Sharpie. We're contemplating adding something to the other shoe. I'll post some close-ups next week for Harry Potter randomosity. :)

3. I went to Sephora today because I had a coupon and bought pretty things.

4. Also from this week, I saw this new trailer for The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. I'm excited for Harry Potter, sure, but after that, it's going to be Narnia!

My, my Prince (King) Caspian. You seem to have lost your princely accent, but I still love you.

5. OK GO also premiere their newest vid for the sweet, lovely song "Last Leaf." You should check out The Last Leaf vid at their website. It's super cute, creative, and involves hundreds of pieces of toast. Yeah, toast.

So that was my week. Oh, and I made some more headway in my NaNo word count, but there is a very long way to go. How was your week / How is your NaNo going?

What are you shopping splurging on this holiday season?

Hope you all had a Happy Veterans Day, and have a fantastic weekend!

P.S. Randomly, I found a pic I took of my sneaky secret costume that I wore to work. Sneaky and secret because I wasn't sure anyone was going to dress up (a bunch of people did, though I was like 1 of the very few people who did last year) and because I was pretty sure no one would recognize me anyway.


I did a fake bob, gold eyeliner, and a head-to-toe black, skinny-jeaned outfit, complete with kick ass black shoes. I felt pretty awesome, not gonna lie. Black really is flattering.


Melissa said...

I freaking LOVE your dark mark shoes! That is so freaking awesome!!!

Lydia Kang said...

I love your shoes! I am on a shoe-buying freeze so I shall live vicariously through you...
and yes, black does wonders.

Emy Shin said...

You look so awesome as Cinna! And I love the shoes -- they're so pretty.

Nayuleska said...

I@m sure you'll catch up with Nano soon. Enjoy HP! Shoes are funky.

Brian Bedell said...

Hey there,

My wife loves your shoes, but my budget does not like that she saw them. I feel that we will now be making a trip to DSW or some other shoe emporium very soon. Cool blog. I will be checking back very soon.

Brian Bedell
Panna Days, Guinness Nights
An Alternate Truth/Fiction Blog

Beverly Ealdama said...

awesome slytherin TOMS!

Fickle Cattle said...

That dark-marked shoe is awesome! I want one!


Krispy said...

Melissa- Thanks! Now my sister is indebted to me. Mwahaha.

Lydia- Shoe-buying freeze? Oh noes! I think I need to go on one too now!

Emy- Thank you! :D

Nayuleska- I'm trying to catch up. Thanks for the encouragement!

Krispy said...

Brian- Thanks for stopping by! Tell your wife she has great taste ;) but I do sympathize with your wallet. Bright side, DSW has good deals!

Beverly- Thanks! I really should make myself a Ravenclaw pair because that's probably my true House.

Fickle- Welcome and thanks for stopping by! Sharpies and free time will do wonders. :)