Friday Five: Doodle Version

I was thinking about a post concerning the WTF-ery of Dragon Ball VS Dragon Ball Z, or a post about Real Life Experiences of Things You've Read About and Take For Granted (i.e. things like "he got the wind knocked out of him" or "her knees collapsed beneath her"), but those posts will have to wait since it is late and I was doodling with my tablet and then was like, Oh crap it's Thursday which means I have to post for Friday.

So here are five doodles for our Friday Five!

1. This was me today, because I neglected to check what the weather was going to be like:

If I don't look particularly wet, it's because I didn't get
particularly wet. But my thirst for vengeance is yet to be slaked.

2. I drew a unicorn!

3. I also drew a dancing unicorn:
Any resemblance to certain fat princesses is entirely coincidental.
4. Since Krispy is frolicking abroad in the land of BBC Sherlock and Doctor Who, I wondered if I could draw the Union Jack from memory.  I actually didn't do nearly as badly as I expected, although in retrospect maybe some cleaner line work would have made a big aesthetic difference...

5. Last but not least, I was in the process of doodling a ratty when I got distracted by a hunger pang.  After satisfying said hunger pang with a lemon Oreo, I got distracted by watching TV.

My weekend plans involve glorious things like sleeping and eating and playing with Loki.  Sometimes simple is the best.  Have any exciting or simplistic weekend plans?

Happy Friday, folks!


Connie Keller said...

I always enjoy the doodles. I loved the rat.

Yahong Chi said...

ALZ I love your doodles so much <3 Especially your self-portraits, haha. And your UNICORNS, they slay me. Especially your happy dancing one. <3 Nice job with the union jack! Can't wait to see your thoughtful thoughts on the things we take for granted soon :D